Monday, March 23, 2009

March socks

Here are my March socks done in Patons Kroy- green. The pattern is Elongated rib stitch from Sensational socks.

Monday, March 2, 2009

New widgets for knitting

For my job at the library I'm participating in More 23 things on a stick. It's designed to help those of us who are technology challenged. I just learned that on Google Gadgets you can get a widget for announcing new knitting books as they come out. What a great idea. I love knitting because I'm not very techie and knitting fills my creative outlet, but now I find that techie things can also relate to the knitter in me.

Favorite yarn shops

I went to see the movie Confessions of a shopaholic with a couple of friends the other day. At first I had trouble relating to what she was going through. I don't speak Prada, Gucci, or Dior. Then I noticed that the main character's roommate had on some knitted socks with pom poms. Then I understood. Although I don't do pom poms I am addicted to sock yarn.

I have two favorite yarn stores. Knitters Palette in Lakeville is owned by Pam. She has nice neat shelves of yarn in colors, weights, and fibers that are truly seductive. I do speak Debbie Bliss, Hand Maiden, Noro and Art Yarns. I love silk, bamboo, alpaca, seasilk and wool. Knitters Palette has a great selection of all these yarns and patterns to go with. Pam knows the lure of having samples of the newest sock yarn make up. We are after all fiber fondlers. She also has spinning wheels and roving. I love going to her shop just to set on the couch and knit with fellow knitters and watch the spinners work their magic on the spinning wheels.

My other favorite is the Yarn Garage in Rosemont owned by Steven. His shop is a little overwhelming when you walk in. Yarn is floor to ceiling and looks like yarn heaven. Once you get over the shock you realize that there is semblance of order. Steven and his crew can find you just about anything you need and more. They have many items on display to show off the many ways that yarn can be used. He has corner with lot of yarn and idea for children's sweaters, great lace for shawls, creative ideas for felting and lots of original designs.

I can understand the shopaholic when I apply it to my love of yarn. I have enough sock yarn for many many pairs of socks but the seductive charm of the new sock yarn is always there.