Monday, June 29, 2009

Quantuim of Wallace

I know he's not knitting but it does combine my love of Wallace and 007 movies.

Shaun the sheep dance

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I can see by some of my pictures that I need to take a class on photography. I hate it when some of the colors are washed out or I can't get a clear picture of the pattern. Hang in there with me I will keep trying to get better pictures.

Market bags

There are several patterns for Market bags. Just search the internet knitting sites or check on Ravelry to see what other people have made.
I purchased a kit from Knit Picks. Their Montavilla Market Bag is a kit that comes with the yarn you need to make two bags and instructions. The bag is a color work of subtle colors that look great together. I'm not sure I have enough yarn left over for another one but I could be wrong. Yarn balls can be deciving. It was fun to make and I didn't have a lot of ends to weave in. The knit picks yarn is called Simply Cotton Worsted and is about the same a Lion Brand Kitchen cotton or Sugar and Creams cotton.
I want to try some different colors to jazz it up a bit. I love bright colors.

For blocking your finished items

I have a friend who wanted my to put a picture of the foam blocks that I purchased at Menards for blocking. Here it is. They fit together and can be put on any surface. I have a small house so I could use them in my back yard on nice day or in the garage for big projects. I just have to be sure to tell my husband so he doesn't drive the car over my knitting project.

June socks

For June I made Monkey socks by Cookie A. The pattern can be found on The yarn I used was Fortissima Mit Bamboo in fall colors. They were fun to make.


Here is a picture of my May socks. These were made with Fortissima Socka yarn made in Italy. The color is chocolate brown Farbe 1082 Partie 44200. The pattern is from Sensational Knitted Socks Corded Rib.

Monday, June 8, 2009

May socks

Yes I did finish a pair of socks in May I just haven't gotten around to uploading the picture yet. They are a chocolate brown with a corded ribbing pattern.
I'm still working on my Pi Shawl after many rip outs and the cable cord breaking free of the needle leaving 90 stitches loose to be picked up again, I think that I'm finally getting there.

I started on some Monkey socks for June and sadly I have to go back to work on Monday. I will have to do some major knitting to get things done before then.
I did find at Menard's some soft flooring like Knit Picks offers for blocking so when my shawl is ready I'll be all set.

So far on sock of the month plan I have been able to keep up and some months even make two pairs. My sock yarn stash is shrinking but for it to be truly under control I will have to make two pairs of socks a month for the rest of they year. Ho well that's the live of a knitter.