Monday, August 1, 2011

My garden

With all the rain we have had the weeds in my garden are doing great. Luckily so are my flowers and small tomato and pepper garden.

This is my small veggie garden. Some tomatoes and orange and yellow peppers.
I would love to have a bigger garden but with our small yarn and the neighbors black walnut tree it's have to have any veggie that survive. Black walnut trees put out an acid in their roots that kill tomatoes and some other plants that I have tried but keeping the tomatoes in pot I can get some fresh veggies.

It's summer

We have had the 5th hottest July since they started keeping track of those thing. That means that I've been in the house working on knitting, weaving and spinning projects and I have finally downloaded some pictures from my camera and phone.

One of my projects was to make plyarn. Yarn make out of plastic bags. I then wove them to sew together to make a new bag.I have to work on sewing some of my weaving projects this weekend.
I also spun my first skein of yarn.
and went to Shepherds Harvest in May.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Too much to do

It's now gardening and cabin season in Minnesota. We thought it would never come. I want to try potted tomatoes and peppers this year. I'm slowing trying to grow veggie which isn't easy with a small yarn and a big Black Walnut tree.
I have some flowering plants that I've had for years that I would love to exchange for something new but how do you get rid of plants that are healthy and come back every year?

I went to Shepherd's Harvest May 7-9th with my friend Barb and had a great time. I bought mostly roving to work on my spinning skills and took a class in knitting a beaded scarf. I need to learn how to upload pictures from my phone to show you the cute pictures of the sheep and lamas.

I haven't been reading as much as I would like so I need to set a goal of at least two books (non-fiber related) a month. I'm starting with the Bone Shaker that Librarian DOA suggested.

I'm also setting a goal to blog at least twice a month and learn how to take better pictures and get then down loaded in a more timely fashion.

We'll see how well I do.


Here are some of my weaving projects.

Christmas placemats.Noro Silk Garden scarf.
Scarves for friends. I need to get better at taking pictures of my work. The colors her don't do them justice.
A colorful log cabin. It's hard to see the design and of course Harry's paw.

The rest of the pictures are on my phone. I need to figure out how to download those into my computer.

Knitting projects

Here are some of the knitting projects that I've been working on this year. Sorry not a lot of detail. I need to keep up better on my blogging so I don't get so far behind.
Zombie hat for my son. It's been a cold snowy winter.
Not a good picture. I love my mondo cable cardi make with Cascade 220.

Two Dr. Who scarves. One for my son and one for a friend who loves Dr.Who.

Finally a new post

Wow I can't beleive it's been 5 almost 6 months since I posted. It's been a busy year, between a new library software up grade (everything we knew is gone), RFID tagging every item in the library training staff and patrons, my mom (who is turned 86 on May 11th) health issues and learning how to spin it's been busy and time has flown by.

I did finish my first spinning project a couple of weeks ago. Slow learner.
Did I mention I got a spinning wheel for Christmas? It's a Fantasia and I love the design. I named her Agnes after my mom's mom who loved to knit and crochet. I learning curve is higher than weaving and knitting so it's taken me awhile to get use to it.