Sunday, May 22, 2011

Too much to do

It's now gardening and cabin season in Minnesota. We thought it would never come. I want to try potted tomatoes and peppers this year. I'm slowing trying to grow veggie which isn't easy with a small yarn and a big Black Walnut tree.
I have some flowering plants that I've had for years that I would love to exchange for something new but how do you get rid of plants that are healthy and come back every year?

I went to Shepherd's Harvest May 7-9th with my friend Barb and had a great time. I bought mostly roving to work on my spinning skills and took a class in knitting a beaded scarf. I need to learn how to upload pictures from my phone to show you the cute pictures of the sheep and lamas.

I haven't been reading as much as I would like so I need to set a goal of at least two books (non-fiber related) a month. I'm starting with the Bone Shaker that Librarian DOA suggested.

I'm also setting a goal to blog at least twice a month and learn how to take better pictures and get then down loaded in a more timely fashion.

We'll see how well I do.

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