Sunday, February 21, 2010

Second event

Since I finished my first event so quickly (it has to be a gold medal) I entered a second category.
UFO's (UFO's are unfinished projects.) I had started a class just before the Olympics for Fiddlehead mittens. Fiddlehead mittens are a color work design on the outside with a second softer material for the inner mitten. In other words two mittens in one.
I used Pain Box and Cascade 220 for the outer mitten and Louise Harding's Kimone angora Pure for the inside.
I finished these last night and now I'm starting a black and red Skull hat for the event Gift for a Friend. The Olympic deadline (closing ceremonies) has been a good catalyst for me to get some projects done and use up some stash yarn. What can I use after the Olympics to keep going and reach my goal for the year of doing some serious stash busting?

2010 Winter Olympics

On Raverly we have our own winter games. There called Ravolympics. I'm on team Knitters Palette. I signed up to do a Hemlock Ring Throw for the smallshawlthrow compition.
Here is the first day of the Winter games Friday night February 12th 8:00pm (we couldn't start until the opening ceremony our time)

Here is the Hemlock Ring on Sunday February 14th.

Here is the finished project Thursday February 18th.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Still winter

Yes it is still winter in Minnesota. I love winter but some of my co-workers who have to drive long distances aren't very happy that it's snowing again.
You have two types of winter in MN. Cold, dry, and sunny ( below zero or close to it) or warm, slushy and gray. I like the warm, slushy and gray. It makes a better excuse to stay in the house and knit. Cold, dry and sunny shows all dust, cat and dog hair, spiderwebs and general mess that is around the house. Then I feel that I have to clean instead of knit and watch old movies. It's also a Minnesota pride thing that make us go out even though it freezing just to say "Ha the cold doesn't bother me, I'm from Minnesota".

When spring comes it's time for the garden. I take care of mine and my moms so it doesn't give me much time to knit. In case you haven't caught on I'm addicted to knitting. Some say obsessed.

I like winter so I can concentrate on my knitting and watching old movies. It's ground hog day today so it looks like 6 more weeks of knitting I mean winter.