Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Study Group

I worked on the log cabin pattern in red and natural wool from Lion Brand yarn.I need to work on my salvages and carrying colors up the side. It's been fun to work through the book with input and help from other weavers. These have been made on my Cricket because they are samplers. I can't wait to try bigger pieces on my Knitter loom.

Study Group

I joined an online weaving study group. We are working our way through the Weavers Idea book by Jane Patrick. Here are some sample that I have made from the first chapter.

This is a Hounds tooth pattern using the wool that came with my loom. It's a two blue two green warp with a two green two blue weft.Here I changed the weft pattern to 4 green 4 blue, then 6 green 6 blue, then one green one blue just too see how it would look.

New Cricket Loom

When I went to stitches I talked myself into buying a small loom. I talked to a weaving instructor and she showed me a vest she had made on the Cricket loom. That and some pushing from my friend Vicki was all I needed.


Baby blanket from Knit Picks crayon 100% cotton squares.
Cat paw cowl made out of 100% alpaca

Market bag made with lion brand kitchen cotton

Cable hat made with SOS from patons

wash cloths