Sunday, June 14, 2009


I can see by some of my pictures that I need to take a class on photography. I hate it when some of the colors are washed out or I can't get a clear picture of the pattern. Hang in there with me I will keep trying to get better pictures.


Krista said...

Photography is a constant source of frustration for me as well.

Samsara said...

Your pictures don't look too bad; maybe for pattern details you could use your macro setting if you have one and do a close-up to add to your main picture.

Ceci said...

haha, I always feel the same way! Course, I compare myself (with my $98 camera and my children hanging off my wrists while I try to point and click) to my sister (with her $2000 camera and her so that's hardly fair.

I LOVE your socks, especially the brown lace ones.

And I've seen MUCH worse photographs, believe me. :)