Monday, August 1, 2011

My garden

With all the rain we have had the weeds in my garden are doing great. Luckily so are my flowers and small tomato and pepper garden.

This is my small veggie garden. Some tomatoes and orange and yellow peppers.
I would love to have a bigger garden but with our small yarn and the neighbors black walnut tree it's have to have any veggie that survive. Black walnut trees put out an acid in their roots that kill tomatoes and some other plants that I have tried but keeping the tomatoes in pot I can get some fresh veggies.

It's summer

We have had the 5th hottest July since they started keeping track of those thing. That means that I've been in the house working on knitting, weaving and spinning projects and I have finally downloaded some pictures from my camera and phone.

One of my projects was to make plyarn. Yarn make out of plastic bags. I then wove them to sew together to make a new bag.I have to work on sewing some of my weaving projects this weekend.
I also spun my first skein of yarn.
and went to Shepherds Harvest in May.