Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New books

I picked up some new knitting books this last month to add to my already too big collection. I could start my own library.
Knitted Lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush
This is an excellent lace book for someone who is into designing their own patterns. She goes into the history of the people, land and patterns. She then has a how to section that starts off with designing your shawl. There are tips on making special bobble-like stitches, calculating stitches for the edge, joining and finishing. There is also the usual stitch definitions and patterns for beautiful scarfs and shawls. It also includes a stitch dictionary to help design your own patterns.The next books is Norwegian Handknits by Sue Flanders and Janine Kosel
I love this book. I could be because it comes close to my Norwegian roots but whatever the reason the patterns and pictures are from the Vesterheim Museum in Iowa.
It has the usual history, basic techniques but goes on to illustrate how to do steeks, fish tail braids, Kumihimo and other unusual techniques. I love the patterns and the charts are big and colorful.
The last book I picked up is a reprinting of Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting
The copyright is 1988 so some of the patterns are dated but the instruction materials are timeless.
As with all book it starts out with the history and origin of the patterns. It then goes on to explain the different patterns, repeats, and charting involved in making up your own designs.
She has some excellent examples on how to use colors from everyday life to come up with different color designs. There are illustrations of stranded knitting and circular knitting along with illustrartions of different stitches.
This book is good for knitters who are fimaliar with Fair Isle knitting and want to take it to the next step.


Donell said...

That white shawl is gorgeous!

Dan said...

I know a 94 year old lady over at the farm who crochets beautiful things.