Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sept socks

I know it's October but I haven't had time to post my September socks yet. I made them with Malabrigo sock yarn Stonechat. I have decided that Malabrigo is my now favorite yarn. I use a basic sock pattern and love the way they feel. I have to say that when January comes I will be glad that the Sock of the month challenge will be over. I love making socks but sometimes I get caught up in other projects and then have to hurry through a pair of socks to get them done for that month. I started to use up my sock yarn but I could still go for another yarn before it comes close to being gone. Pam who owns Knitters Palette in Lakeville sends emails of the new yarn that comes in and darn it all if she hasn't got in a lot of new fun sock yarn. Will it ever end! I hope not. As the weather is getting colder I need to shift to mittens and hats. Maybe mittens with sock yarn?

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Anonymous said...

I like the colors, nice!