Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tee shirt

I saw a tee shirt in a catalog that had:
Knitting keeps me from killing people
Some days that is very true.

Pi Shawl

I have finally finished my Pi shawl. I have ripped out more on this project than any other, run out of yarn, and had my circular needle cord pull out of the needle leaving me with 90 open stitches to try and pick back up. I used Misti Alpaca in brown and hand painted maple gray, size 8 circular needle, and lots of stitch markers. I got to use my blocking squares for the first time. I really liked the way they held in the T pins. I need to pick up another pack. I was one square short ( as you can see from the picture).
Over all I love my shawl and have yarn to make another one.

Friday, August 7, 2009

PhD or UFO

It doesn't matter what you call them. PhD (Projects half done) or UFOs (unfinished objects) there out there waiting for us. We all have them. Some are projects that we have run into a problem with, some are ones that seem to take forever to finish, and some are now so old that we didn't remember why we started it in the first place.

I'm dedicating August as PhD/UFO month and I'm trying to clean up some of the projects that are nagging at me. The first one is my EZ Pi shawl. I only started this in April so it's not that old but I need to get it done. I have challenged a friend to a race to see who can finish first. That should keep us both on track.
Then I have two pairs of socks, a triangle shawl that I have forgotten the name of, a rectangle shawl that the name escapes my mind, and afghan that I've been working on forever.
We'll see how I do.