Monday, May 3, 2010

Shepards Harvest

Shepards Harvest is one of the big Wool and Sheep Shows in MN. I couldn't go last year because of foot surgery so I'm looking forward to going this year. I like to see all the different animals that we get our wool from. My husband has forbid me to come home with any. Not even a cute little bunny.
They also have dog sheep herding demo and a sheep shearing contest. I love the Kettle Corn fresh and hot from the kettle. Of couse there are vendors who will have weaving, spinning and knitting displays as well as other delights. There are also classes, music and this year a fiber sandwich. I'm not sure what a fiber sandwich is but it will be fun to find out. As always they have to sheep to shawl contest to see which group can finish a shawl by the end of the event.

I have a couple of days off work this week so I'm going to get some pictures posted of my weaving and try and block the half dozen or so knitting projects that I have finished.

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